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What I Do

Blog Posts

What made you read that last blog post from start to finish? Did it inspire you? Did you learn something new? Did it make you laugh or make you feel nostalgic?

The specific reason may vary, but it all comes down to one thing: value. The best blog posts provide value to the readers either by educating them, entertaining them, or both. Adding consistent value to your target audience will turn them into customers and loyal members of your brand’s community.

I can make that happen.

Website Copy

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of writing all the text for your business’s new website? Is the current copy on your website causing potential customers to click away?

I will write copy for your website that draws people in until, before they know it, they’ve spent their entire lunch break soaking up what you have to offer. You want the copy on your site to excite the reader so that they become a customer first and then an enthusiastic promoter of your product or service.

Sound good? Let’s get to work.

Case Studies

Are you getting great feedback on your products from smiling customers? Do your clients rave about how much your service has helped them?

Let me help you capitalize on all that goodness! I’ll put my interviewing skills to work and write honest, personable customer success stories that you can feature in your online and print marketing. Potential clients love hearing about your services or products from others. It builds trust and reassures them that they will also be satisfied with whatever it is that they plan on purchasing from you.

Happy clients = more happy clients!

Podcast Show Notes

When was the last time you listened to a podcast episode without at least peeking at the show notes first? You wanted to know what you were signing up for before you hit “play.”

You’re not alone because the majority of podcast listeners are just like you. The show notes of a podcast are often underrated real estate, but they have so much potential! Compelling and detailed show notes entice people to listen to your episodes by telling them what they’re going to get in exchange for their time. This is your chance to reel them in! Show notes are also the perfect place to include links that direct listeners to your landing page or email opt-in.

Let’s grow your audience, shall we?


Does your writing require a little finessing? A second set of eyes to show you where your sentences ramble on a little too long?

Well, fear not because editing is my jam! My goal is to help you get your message across in the best way possible. I will make sure your content is error-free and flows so well that your audience eats it up. We can’t let pesky misspellings or confusing jargon detract from what you really want people to take away.

Let me grab my red pen and jump in!

I am so pleased with the results of the about page for my website from Cunningham Creative Services. I can decorate spaces or create a gift basket for any occasion, but to talk about myself was beyond my capability. For me (and I know I’m not alone), talking about myself and putting my likes, my history, etc., down in words was so difficult. You try not to sound self-centred, or want to brag, but you want people to know a little bit about who you are and what got you to where you are today, and suddenly it is all so very overwhelming. And along comes Cassandra. She saved me from my anxiety and with very little effort she was able to extrapolate what was needed for my about page. Her words fit my business perfectly and create a warm and inviting introduction for folks who visit the website.
Thank you, Cassandra!

Laurie Carter

Owner, Basket-Full

 successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!
See the pen behind my ear? That means I’m ready to write and get you results.