Spend less time writing your copy and content

and more time being the boss

Does your company’s content remind you of that time you fell asleep at the theatre because the movie was a total snoozefest?

 Is your message buried in long sentences that make you lose your breath?

Does your copy make your potential customer’s eyes glaze over?


Then you’ve got some problems, my friend.


Now, before you start to panic, let’s talk about…

How I can help you

Content Marketing

There are oh so many types of content marketing, but whatever you’re looking for, I’ll make sure it resonates with your audience.


If sales copy makes you think of sleazy used-car salesmen, let me fix that. I’ll write sales copy that is true to your brand and irresistible to your target audience.


Need another set of eyes to look over your writing and polish it up? Don’t trust your spellcheck? I’m your girl. I’ll clean things up so you can finally hit “publish!”

About Me

When I was a toddler, I would “read” storybooks to my grandmother. These were books that had been read to me so many times that I knew them by heart and could recite them from memory long before I learned to read.

My love of stories and respect for the written word has led me to start this business so I can help others discover the power of words to connect ideas and people.

Cassandra wrote the copy for my new website, and she did a fantastic job! I gave her my jot notes and ideas as well as a brief description of my target audience. She was able to convey my services and infuse my own personality into the copy which was incredibly important to me! She took a lot of information and turned it into text that was easy to understand for me and for my potential clients. I highly recommend Cassandra! Courtney Larson

Owner, Courtney Rose Design

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